I help coaches generate ongoing revenue by creating beautiful websites that position them as the experts they already are.

You’re good at what you do. You’re an expert.

The aha-moments, the breakthroughs, the support you give your clients… It’s your soul’s mission!

You’ve been at this for a few years now and you just know you are on the verge of something huge in your coaching business.

But your current website doesn’t tell the same story. 

In fact, you’re almost ashamed of your brand.

Scratch that – you don’t really have a brand.

You’ve been meaning to take care of this for a while but it was never the right time.

Now, though…

Now, you KNOW you’re losing leads because your online presence doesn’t look like the expert you know you are.  

You are ready finally ready for a change.
I can help.
Let’s create a website full of your personality, positions you as an expert, and captivates your ideal client.
Need help running your coaching practice? Gain clarity for all things branding, WordPress and digital marketing.

Your coaching business changes your clients’ lives.

It’s time you help even more people.

It’s time you make more money doing what you truly love.

“Lina was amazing, she met the timeline outlined and was very communicative throughout the entire process.  She offered strategic recommendations on how I could increase user ability as well as increase engagement among my website visitors.  She also offered program suggestions that would increase leads for my business.”

Meredith Raber – Meredith Raber Virtual Assistant Services

“Lina really knows her stuff!  She provided insightful feedback on my website and gave me practical action steps for increasing traffic to my site.    She provided recommendations on everything from copy to website appearance and specific actions to improve my SEO and off-site traffic to my site.”

Susan Nelson – Woman of Noble Character

“Elinam’s recommendations on how to generate traffic to my site through methods other than SEO were so helpful. She was considerate of my unique business and my available time, and she used that information to give me suggestions that felt manageable to me, even in the midst of running my business and serving my clients.”

Rebekah Fedrowitz – You Are Well