I’m Lina.
My work helps you communicate the right things to the right audience with ease.
You are an expert in your field, and your work is impactful. Life changing, even. Your current website, however, does not convey your expertise nor the transformations you’ve helped your existing clients achieve.
What I want for you is a brand that you love and a website that boosts your credibility. So much so that your business finally feels aligned and simplified.
My strategic process allows me dive into your vision and create a powerful marketing tool you will use now and into the future.
If you’ve been looking to elevate your business with intention and strategy, you are in the right place. I choose to only work with businesses I believe in and whose work make a real difference in other people’s lives.
I love details. And processes. And analyses. I even spent close to a decade in the software industry as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. In other words, my job in the corporate world was literally to make sure quality software was delivered to our clients.
I want you to experience that level of quality for your brand and your website.
If you are anything like most successful business owners, you want someone who can provide on-target analysis and follow-through with drama-free implementation.
I can help.
Is this exactly what you’ve been looking for? Answer these simple questions so we can discuss your project.