Golden Key Hypnotherapy is a hypnotherapy center. They have over 30 years of combined experience and wanted their website to reflect their superb reputation.

They had an existing website that was outdated and was not speaking to their clients.

After a lot of research, communication, and just learning about their business in depth, I designed a homepage concept that showcased their passion and their amazing review. They loved it so much that they asked me to redo their entire website.

Some of the features included rotating testimonials in the header, intricate service pages, a map, an intake form, and a robust testimonial page.

Golden Key Hypnotherapy has gotten an overwhelming number of positive reviews and is positioned to bring in new business.


The Princess Margaret Foundation is a non-profit organization. Their ultimate goal is to be able to increase their donations. They wanted a website that was simple, straightforward but stylish.

The branding process was collaborative and we zoned in on colors, fonts, and logo concept. I also gathered all the visual elements I would need to complete the project, and researched additions where there was a gap.

The result was a website that was optimized for accepting donations. I designed a gallery to showcase their work and mission. I also made sure payment pressing through Paypal was as straight-forward as possible.

They have been extremely happy with the final product and have seen in increased in their online donations.


Beautiful Spaces is an interior design business. They pride themselves in creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional for their clients.

They needed a website that had a minimal look while still conveying a sense of style and authenticity. After their branding session, it became clear that wanted their prospective clients to feel peace, calm, beauty, and trust while visiting their website.

Through the use of appropriate imagery and typography, I was provided them with what they call a ‘website that is so us’. They have already seen an increase in their client base.


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