Want a website that converts your visitors into paying clients?

Want to discover how to build TRUST and ATTRACT your ideal clients?

Do you want to expand your reach, make more MONEY, and make a massive IMPACT?

“Lina reviewed my website and provided practical strategies for me to increase traffic to my site and also tips for making my pages more convertible. I am excited to implement these strategies!.”
Rochelle, Inglis

Owner, A Rich and Satisfying Life


THE 90-min Business Intensive

Strategies that work for content, language, and images so that you get more traffic and higher conversions.


Just imaging

~Quality and targeted traffic coming to YOUR website
~Content that speaks to your ideal clients and CONVERTS
~Someone to guide you through the process so there is no more guesswork


and this is for you if you’ve ever wondered…

~How to be strategic about your website content so that it does the selling for you
~How to make your website a place your ideal clients would love hanging out on
~How to design your website to reflect YOU and your business GOALS
“Lina covered everything from design to content and even the language style I use. She noted that the main weakness of my business is currently my social-media strategy and encouraged me to jump right into it with some advice on how to begin.
I was extremely pleased with Lina’s help and would definitely contact her again.”
Emma Watson

Owner, The Food Brood

How this actually goes down:

~90 minutes of strategies to increase conversions and sales on your website

~Custom directions for your written and visual content so you attract your ideal clients

~All your questions on fonts, colors, number of pages, etc. answered

~A screen share experience so you’re not left guessing

~Recording of the session

~7-Day email support

“I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Create with Lina. Lina was able to provide strategies and tips to help improve the look and content of my website.   Her communication throughout the whole process was outstanding.  The response time was fast, even included changes that would drive more visitors to my website.  If you’re looking for a company that believes in helping you produce a quality website, you’d be wise to contact Lina. She is able to hone in on what’s important when quality is your top priority for your website.” Stephanie Lee

Owner, Your Virtual Career

Why should you trust me?

I’m Lina Adjogble and I’ve been in the Information Technology world for 10 years. I’ve spent the latter half of that building and reviewing software as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

You can say that I know a thing or two about using technology to sell.

Since I’ve started my business, I’ve built high converting websites, and I want to bring that expertize to your business.

My clients tell me that I have a unique ability to explain techy terms in a way that makes sense to the non-techy business owner.


Let’s get your project started, shall we?