You need a hug!
Training for your certification, creating your client avatar, crafting your packages, building relationships, balancing the books, serving your clients wholeheartedly…

…WITHOUT neglecting your family. Your self-care.

And then, you’re supposed to figure out how to build a website too!? 

You have so much on your plate.

I want to help!

I’m Elinam Adjogble, and you can call me Lina.

I’m a brand strategist and designer. I help coaches position themselves as experts through websites that sell.

I design beautiful WordPress websites that are easy to maintain, are mobile friendly, and ooze your personality from miles away.

My background is in Software Quality Assurance, which means I have a keen eye for details…and techy stuff is my jam.

A few of my favorite things in life are music, cakes, and quotes. I’m a Christ-follower, a wife and a mother to two gorgeous little boys.


I know that seeing the impact you make in other people’s lives is what keeps you going.

I can help you reach even more people with a solid web presence. 

Curious about what it’s like working with me? Check out what my clients say here.